10 best Hollywood movies to watch in 2017

10 best Hollywood movies to watch in 2017

2017 has some of the very best movies in store for everyone. Ranging from sci-fi to children thrillers, there is something for all age groups. Listed below are the 10 best movies set to release in 2017.

  1. LEGO Batman

Batman is an all time favorite and this time, the fun is going to be doubled. Warner AnimationGroup is set to release the LEGO Batman this year in 3D graphics. We have had Lego toys and then we have had Lego video games, but Lego Batman is a completely out of the box idea. Everyone is just eagerly looking forward to the release of this superhero movie. This will be an action-comedy movie starring Will Arnett as the voice of Batman and Zach Galifianakis as the voice of the Joker. This movie is set in the same universe as that of The Lego Movie released in 2014 and will pay tribute to all the Batman characters till date. The film is written by Seth Grahame-Smith, Chris Mckenna, Erik Sommers, Jared Stern and John Whittington and directed by Chris McKay.

  1. Logan

This movie, based on the marvel comics character Wolverine is coming out on March 2nd. The cast will consist of Hugh Jackman as the Wolverine, Patrick Stewart as Professor x, Boyd Holbrook as Donald Pierce and Dafnee Keen as Laura. This will also be the last wolverine movie starring Hugh Jackman which makes it even more sensational. Although the plot of the movie is yet unknown, the trailers indicate that Hugh Jackman is going to leave with quite a bang.

  1. Beauty and the Beast

This is a much-anticipated movie and star cast by Emma Watson as the beauty or Belle and the beast was played by Dan Stevens. The cast makes one believe that the movie is going to entertain both the children and adults. After all, fairy tales have always managed to leave us amazed. The plot of the story is simple. Belle, who is taken prisoner by the beast takes courage and looks into the heart of the beast, which is that of a human prince. The movie will come out on march 17, 2017.

  1. Fast and Furious 8

There is something irresistible to Fast and Furious. We never seem to get enough of the high-tech cars, the speed, and the rush. Although the plot of the movie is quite unclear after Paul Walker’s death, we can only hope that the movie will leave us thrilled. The movie is coming out on April 14 this year.

  1. Wonder woman

With the Wonder Woman releasing on 2nd June 2017, we can now have more of Gal Gadot. She looks amazing in the Wonder Woman attire and is definitely going to leave the audiences transfixed. She has acted her part in the previous movie as good as any other superhero character. We can hardly wait till the movie gets released.

  1. Spiderman: Homecoming

The movie features Tom Holland as SpiderMan who is trying to strike a balance between his high school life and being a superhero. The cast also consists of Robert Downey Junior, Michael Keaton, and Zendaya among others. You can mark your calendar for 7/7/2017.

  1. Kong-Skull Island

This is a remake of the old classic movie King Kong. The cast consists of Michael Keaton, J. K. Simmons, and Tom Hiddleston. King Kong did succeed in impressing everyone and the audience has just been expecting the same with this movie. The movie is set to release on 3rd October 2017.

  1. Thor: Ragnarok

The previous releases of Thor have been a great hit, greatly owing to the heartthrob Chris Hemsworth. The movie is about an angry Thor, who returns to find out that his homeland has been taken over by Loki. The movie is set to release on 3rd November.

  1. Justice league

2017 is full of Marvel and justice league is almost like the icing on the cake. After a long wait, Justice League is finally here with all its superheroes. The movie will be released on 17th November 2017.

  1. Jumanji

The movie, set to release on 22nd December this year is all about explorers who end up in a mystical jungle. The movie will be a great pre-Christmas watch. Unlike its prequel where a man from the wilderness enters civilization, this movie is exactly the opposite. It will surely bring back a lot of memories, so you may just as well sit down with a mug of hot coffee. If you are not very good with coffees, you may even gift yourself the best rated coffee maker. After all, what better time to gift yourself than the Christmas.